The Seven Sages as seen in-game

General InformationEdit

In the setting of LostMagic, there are seven Sages, six each mastering a single form of Magic, as well as a sage of balance to ensure that no single sage overpowers the others.

Over the course of the game, the six main sages play a combined role of antagonist and mentor. Each is fought as a boss in the early game, where they teach the second level rune of their element after their defeat. They are each met again later in the game, where they give you their third level rune.

The seventh sage plays the role of the main villain, as she controls the other six sages into doing her will early on, before Isaac defeats them. After meeting each sage a second time, Isaac will either defeat her, or be killed by her in the final battle.

Individual SagesEdit


Master of the Curtain Mist, the Sage of Water, and Trista's former master. He lives in seclusion deep in the Silverpeak mountains.


Lord of the Summer Haze, the Sage of Fire. She captures Trista before she is first fought in Blaze Lake.

Geh OlgEdit

General of the Gravel Stone, the Sage of Earth. He imprisons himself in a fortress surrounded by sandstorms deep in the Goldsand Dunes. The only one who can make it through the sandstorms is his student, a seer who he protected before imprisoning himself in the desert.

Leonard DaviaEdit

Jester of the Prime Moon, the Sage of Shadow. An occasional companion of Isaac, who teaches him much about capturing monsters. It is implied that he is a monster himself, as after the conclusion of the Good ending, he disappears with the rest of the monsters.

Russell LightbradEdit

Bishop of the White Night, the Sage of Light. Isaac's father, and the one sage who stood against the Sage of Balance.

Trista WindellEdit

The Wind Caller Priestess, the Sage of Wind. Trista joins Issac early on, falling out of the sky and guiding him to Kokopura, and subsequently the rest of the story. She is only revealed as the Sage of Wind very late in the game.

Seneka WindellEdit

The Diva of the Twilight, the Sage of Balance. She is Trista's sister, and the main antagonist of the game. She plots to steal the wands from the other six sages so that she can become the new creator with their power. She resides in the Temple of Balance, a twisted tower that seems to be made of several wands.


  • The staffs of the six main sages each bears a resemblance to the first rune of their element.