The Dragons are really powerful monsters, not to be confused with Wyverns. Their are six different kinds.

  • Hydro Dragons
  • Gale Dragons
  • Flare Dragons
  • Earth Dragons
  • Shine Dragons
  • Shadow Dragons

Each of the Dragons are rare and are found in the part of the world where their element thrives. But they only appear after defeating the four Sages again to get the Lost Magics. Also they are only seen in one battle. So to get a specific Dragon, you have only one shot at getting that color of Dragon.

They are winged monsters, but they do not fly. If you capture one you may not use them often since they cost 5pts. to have in your lineup, and you only get one. The most annoying thing about having them in your lineup is that they are incredibly slow which wouldn't be that big of a deal if your battles weren't timed. They hit hard, and are hard to kill. It is highly recomended that you are able to cast Rune Trios before hunting the Dragons.